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It’s quite possible that you are wondering about the difference between a Business Coach and a Mentor. Yes?

Is it also true that you are wondering what a Business Coach and/or Mentor can do for YOU?

Well , let’s look at the similarities between a Business Coach and Mentor first:

☑ Both support a person’s development toward achieving personal and business goals

☑ Both are based on one-to-one relationships

☑ Both work best when there is good personal rapport between the two parties. NOTE: It is our view that if the respective parties are unable to establish this rapport, then the relationship is doomed to fail

☑ Both typically involve a series of meetings. In the case of Business Coaching, this generally tends to be relatively short-term, perhaps only over 2-3 months. Mentoring tends to be a longer-term process

☑ Both involve personal agreements (often signed ‘contracts’ between the two parties).

The critical differences between a Business Coach and a Mentor are:


Coaching is a skill. A great business coach can coach anyone on a wide range of things. A business coach uses skilful questioning and a structured conversation to support the learning of person being coached . This learning is achieved by that person through self-reflection, self-exploration of the options and thoughtful action. 

To summarise – “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is about helping them to learn rather than teaching them“.


Mentoring is all about sharing knowledge, experience and expertise. A great mentor has the knowledge, experience and expertise that is relevant to the development of the mentee and has the interpersonal skills required to effectively share these resources.

A mentor advises and guides a mentee, for example:

☑ Sharing experience of how to be successful in a specific role

☑ Advising on how to prepare for future roles. For a business owner, this often means helping them to structure an Exit Strategy

☑ Introducing contacts (internal and external to the business) that may be useful to the mentee

☑ Providing advice on ‘how to get things done’ (navigating the business)

☑ Advising on more ‘macro’ issues such as industry trends, business strategy, economic climate, et al

Because of these roles, mentors are likely to be more senior than the mentee (so they have the knowledge, experience and expertise to share!).

We talk about “Real World Advice and Guidance”. Why “Real World”? Well, the art of giving advice and providing guidance to a business owner is something that cannot be learned in text books or university studies alone. Experience is a key factor that goes into making a great business coach/mentor/consultant. By experience, we mean both life experience and business experience. Our point of difference is that we have plenty of both (read “Our Story” to learn more).

Our experience encompasses the inclusion of seeing first-hand what makes for both success and failure. The latter can be a great educator in teaching us what NOT to do, as equally as being aware of the things that can help create success in a business venture.

Questions to ask yourself…….

WHAT makes you/your business different/special? Are you capitalising on that factor?

WHY are you in business? Quite possibly it includes wanting to be independent and successful enough to have you achieve your financial/lifestyle goals. True? Or maybe, you just have a passion for something that you love doing and have seen an opportunity to keep doing it AND making a living from it. Either way…..

There are many facets involved in creating a successful business .. and challenges. As yet, I don’t know what you would like to have happen with your business. Perhaps you would like to:

☑ Improve your cashflow?

☑ Reduce/eliminate staff problems?

☑ Have more time to spend ON the business rather than IN it?

☑ Get more quality customers .. and keep them coming back for more of your products/services?

☑Sell your business or hand it down to family members?

These are just a few of the areas in which we can help you. We can also help with personal development. For instance –

☑ Improve your salesmanship abilities,

☑ Gain more self-confidence,

☑ Enhance your networking skills and processes,

☑ Learn how to turn “obstacles” into “profit opportunities”

.. and many more!

So, if you are willing to invest in yourself and in your business dream, we are here to offer you the relevant advice and guidance – from our experience in the “Real World”.

If you would like to know more on growing a sustainable business, call me direct on 0452 1444 76 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Phil Manhire (Founder & CEO