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Suffice to say, 2020 has presented us all with some challenges – some “unusual” ones at that!

I’m not just referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 also seems to have been a year of excess natural phenomenon and disasters – flood, famine, bushfires, earthquakes and so on.

And as usual, there have been multiple conflicts between warring nations, including trade wars. Looking forward, it seems apparent that such wars are likely to continue into 2021. 

The question is – “Have we learnt anything from our 2020 experiences?”.

Hopefully, as business owners, we have realised the importance of the Boy Scout motto – “Be Prepared”. However, what can you do to better your chances of not just surviving in business in 2021 and beyond but also thrive and grow your business?

The solution is a very simple one – PLANNING! Don’t wait for situations to arise that may adversely affect your business ambitions and then try to resolve them. Make sure that you have your business roadmap in place so that you reach your intended business destination regardless of issues such as staff problems, systems breakdown, supply line difficulties, marketing failures, investment losses and cashflow nightmares.

Not sure where to start?

Then this is a great time to consider the advantages of having an experienced, knowledgeable and successful Mentor help you with your planning. Our goal is to be successful in making others achieve their own goals. Working alongside business owners, being there to encourage, devise and offer suitable business strategies and solutions for success.

Why not start off your 2021 success plan with a “coffee chat” with me – Phil Manhire? If you are committed to success and unafraid to explore new ways (as well as tried and tested ways to grow your business), please get in touch with me. I am easily reached on 0452 1444 76 or at


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