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The world is crazy anyway, so why shouldn’t YOU be a little different, a little crazy even?

Within today’s society, there is so much push and attention given to being “PC” (Politically Correct) that it’s easy to be distracted, even converted, from being and/or showing your true self to the world. To my mind, this makes for a way less interesting world to live in.

Imagine what it would be like if we were all the same? YUK!

On top of that, what would the world be like if we weren’t exposed to original thinkers, the innovators? Horrible!

Personally, I love music but in recent years have despaired somewhat at the lack of musical innovation. By that I mean tunes that have lyrics that you can sing along to (not like most of that rap crap [musical carnage]), a beat that you can dance to, a great hook and overall is different!

My faith that musical genius still exists was recently restored by the advent of “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. WOW! What a monster of a song.

So, given that we are all different, what’s your own point of difference? The same question must be asked of your business. Again – what is its point of difference?

Are you keeping that proverbial light hidden under a bushel? WHY? Let it out and put it out there! A little story for you…

During what seems a lifetime ago (but really only about 20 years or so), I had a highly successful financial planning practice. Much to the chagrin of many other advisers, I was a consistent award winner. Why were they upset? Because according to them I was a “hippie” (ponytail) and therefore couldn’t be a professional in my (and theirs) industry.

But here’s the rub – apart from the fact that I really was good at what I did, for which my clients loved me and were loyal to me (and I to them), I know for a fact that many of them were secretly (and some not so secretly) chuffed at having someone who didn’t quite fit the mould looking after them. You know, the “don’t worry about the fact that he’s got a ponytail, he’s really good!” type of thing.

So, do your own thing too! As I said earlier – “Let it out and put it out there!“

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