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Are You Chasing Your Own Tail?

Sometimes as a business owner, it can feel as though no matter what you do, your business is going nowhere.

Are your sales down or maybe just stagnating at a particular level?

Can’t seem to get traction in gaining new customers?

Is maintaining a healthy positive cashflow a problem?

Are you having difficulty attracting and/or keeping quality, reliable staff?

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Business Development

Do you have F.A.I.T.H?

Do You Have F.A.I.T.H?

No – I am not talking about having religious beliefs.

I’m not even referring to having faith in your abilities.

What I am asking is whether or not you have F.A.I.T.H. in your business!

Let’s assume for a moment that you do have a positive outlook on your business’s progression, on its success future. Does this sound like you? If it does, then you need to ask yourself if you, the owner of your business, whether or not you really have F.A.I.T.H. By that, I mean…….

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Business Development

Are You the CEO of Your Life?

You’re the CEO of Your Life ..

Or Are You?

Of course you are! Okay then – what does this really mean?

As the CEO of your life, it stands to reason that you should also be in control of it. But are you?

First up, let’s discuss your personal life controls and then see how it relates to your business life.

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Business Coaching

This is a Dodo

Dodos are now extinct. Why? Well no-one knows for sure.

However, one thing is certain: A properly managed business will survive virtually anything (except maybe a major meteorite hitting Earth!).

Businesses that fail (become extinct) usually do so because their owners didn’t get their survival strategies right.

Indeed, some businesses don’t even have survival strategies, let alone growth strategies!

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Business Coaching

Is Your Business Growing?

Are you content with the rate of growth of your business?

Perhaps the more pertinent question is – “Is your business growing at all?” Or, is it stagnating and not growing at all. Or, worse still – is its progress sliding backwards?

If it’s either stagnating or going backwards, then this situation should be addressed immediately.

There are solutions that can be implemented to ensure that you are growing your business. You just have to know what those solutions are!

It comes down to putting the right STRATEGIES in place.

So, what strategies are we referring to here? Well, the growth success of your business depends on a few key ingredients that need to be taken into account.

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Business Coaching

Taking Control

Taking control and maintaining control of your business is essential to business success.

Achieving the business outcomes you want will NOT happen unless you are in control of your business .. rather than your business being in control of you.

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Business Coaching

Treading Water

Making visible progress in growing a business is often what helps to drive us on to bigger and better things.

Sometimes however, it can seem as though you are just treading water – getting nowhere fast.

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Business Planning

Selling Your Business

So – you want to sell your business?

No doubt you want to get the best price possible for it .. “Yes?”

Well then, it’s important to PLAN your exit from the business. There are so many considerations that will need to be taken into account before putting your business on the market.

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Customer Success Strategies

King of Your Jungle

Let’s be clear here – without loyal, committed and profitable customers, you don’t have a real business!

So then, what should you be doing to attract and keep quality customers?

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