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Quality Business Connections = Business Success

There’s an old adage – “No man is an island”. It can be said that the same principle applies to businesses in that – “No business stands alone”.

Influential factors in making a business successful include:

😎 Great products;

😎 Exemplary customer service by skilled, motivated staff;

😎 Effective marketing and

😎 Reliable systems and processes.


HOWEVER .. it’s the strength, the quality of a business owner’s CONNECTIONS that can truly make the difference between a business that struggles and one that becomes a successful and sustainable business.

Quality business connections can take many forms. One of the key methods in establishing valuable connections is through networking. Be aware, however, that effective networking is more than just joining a “club” that is more geared towards social get-togethers rather than structured business-oriented meetings.

Two groups that meet the latter criteria are BNI (Business Network International) and Business SA. Here at TMC, we enjoy the benefits of being part of a local Chapter – “BNI Success“, based in Highgate, Adelaide. Known as #thechapterthatpunchesaboveitsweight, there are presently 18 Members – all in different occupations – a requirement of all BNI Chapters. For instance, I hold the Business Coach seat within our Chapter which means that no other Business Coach can join it.

Current Members of the “Business Success” Chapter can be seen by visiting If you are potentially interested in boosting your business, please contact me personally to arrange a visit to one of our meetings where other professionals can get to learn about you and your business.

Being on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook can also prove to be a valuable resource for establishing quality business connections. By joining relevant Groups on these platforms and posting to them on a regular basis will serve to increase your business visibility and credibility. TIP: Ensure that you have a contemporary, functional website plus, one resource that’s often overlooked – a comprehensive Google My Business listing.

These are just a few suggestions that will hopefully give you food for thought in growing your business. If you would like to know more on any of the above, please feel welcome to contact me direct on 0452 144 476 or at


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