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What is needed to turn a business idea💡 into a successful business?

There are a number of aspects to consider when we speak of EXPERIENCE.

I inevitably get a wry chuckle coming from my lips when I see someone proudly announcing that they’re writing their autobiography and then see that they’re only in their 20’s or 30’s. 🙄Gimme a break!

When determining the future possible success of a business – substantive experience in life generally, experience in actually running a business and experience within the industry that you’re entertaining being a part of are definitely potential success factors. Not having one or more of these to draw upon means a real risk of the business failing.

Understanding how to mitigate that risk is the key to increasing your business success possibilities. If you don’t have the EXPERIENCE, go out and unashamedly seek advice from those who do. Every business owner, yes – especially the successful ones, has made mistakes along the way. You will too but at least you can reduce the number of mistakes made by listening to others who are more experienced and wiser for the knowledge gained from their experiences.

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