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Who is the King of your jungle? You? Sorry but … Let’s be clear here – without loyal, committed and profitable customers, you don’t have a real business!

Some business owners have the misguided view that the success of a business depends entirely on them.🙄

Sure, it’s the owner that should be driving the business. However, it’s the customers who will ultimately determine the success .. or failure of your business.

So then, what should you be doing to attract and keep quality customers?


👍 Communicate with them regularly. For instance, this should be in the form of phone calls and personal emails (in that order!)

👍 Keep them informed. Posting articles on topics that will interest them will help to keep them engaged with your business

👍 Seek feedback from your customers on how you’re doing. Simple surveys with room for extra comment can be an excellent insight into how you can improve your customer service.

Achieving any form of success in business inevitable revolves around having planned, well-thought-out strategies in place. In fact, success is ALL about strategies.

We can help you with that. Call us to have a chat with our Founder, Phil Manhire, on 0452 1444 76 or email him at to open a discussion.

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