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As Aussies, we’re a bloody tough and resilient lot. However – the current bushfires catastrophe is going to test our resolve. Australia is burning and many of its citizens are hurting…and will continue to hurt long after the fires are extinguished. (Please bring on the rain!)

Now is the time to rally around those who need us and our support. Most of all, we as a national community need leadership – desperately … and presently MIA. Will we get it? Hopefully, out of the devastation and carnage will come a true leader, one who has the guts, the motivation, the moral turpitude and the willingness to stand within the community, side by side with the rest of us while we work to repair the damage done to our friends, families and neighbours.

There is an important lesson here for business owners. Every business, to be successful, needs a true leader – one with the abovementioned attributes, for starters.

Add to those the following requirements for real leaders:

  • They must lead from the front: true leadership doesn’t happen from behind an isolated desk in an “ivory tower”;
  • Passion. Passion for success, passion for the team individuals’ financial, health and creative well-being and a passion for getting things done without impacting negatively upon the rights of others – be they staff, clients, competitors or just members of the community at large;
  • Be visionaries. They must not only know the dream but must also share that dream, especially with their team members. It’s the only way that such dreams can become reality;
  • Real leaders are also prepared to work hard, usually a damn sight harder than anyone else in the organisation. But just working hard doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Working smart will certainly make the journey easier. This means judicious planning from the start of a business to exiting it.

No-one on this planet knows everything. Therefore, to summarise, real leaders will employ people who have the skills that they don’t have – either by hiring staff to fill skills gaps within the business and/or getting professional guidance from someone who has the skills needed.

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