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What is needed to turn a business idea💡 into a successful business?

Frankly, this is a question that is open-ended to the nth degree. Despite that, let’s consider at least some of the success ingredients here and now. The rest can be covered in follow-up posts.

One of the most commonly over-looked factors is that of the business originator’s PERSONALITY.

We have all been subjected at some time to someone’s PERSONALITY wherein we have expressed disbelief at the very fact that they are even in that particular business space, e.g., a scowling😡 and rude🤬 coffee shop owner who is more inclined to treat customers like infected vermin rather than paying customers of the now and possible future. Or the abrupt, non-listening office telephone receptionist who makes you wish you had never called in the first instance … and so on.

On the plus side, however, there are those business people that are absolute gems to deal with whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face or via the written word. Whatever other shortfalls they may have are made up for by their friendly, genuine-interest-in-you, smiling PERSONALITIES.😃

Some people are more suited to back-room roles in admin or for those who are especially creative, well they just need a quiet space🤫 in which to work.

I guess the main thing that we need to recognise is what type of work environment best suits our personality, seek it out and having found it, use it to build our personal success!

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