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Starting a new business can be quite confronting. True?🤔

There are of course many questions (or are they obstacles?) to overcome, such as:

🤔 Where will new customers come from?

🤔 Will they be the “right” customers for my business?

🤔 Do I have enough capital to fund my business until it becomes self-sustaining?

🤔 How will potential customers find me?

🤔 What can I do to make people aware of my business?

🤔 How can I ensure that my business is sustainable over the long-term?

🤔 What are my long-term business objectives and do I have the right plan in place to achieve them?

Then there are the “what-ifs” to contend with…….

WHAT IF I am too successful and outgrow my capacity to properly manage the business?🙄

WHAT IF I find that I don’t have all the skills needed to run my business successfully?🙄

WHAT IF something happens to me that stops me from running the business?🙄

TA-DA! There are responsible, clear-cut answers to all these questions … and others not mentioned above. 😍

Advice: Enlist the services of a good business coach at the outset. It could prove to be the best investment you made – EVER!

Work with him/her to PLAN your business venture and stick to that plan. Doing this should help your confidence in your ability to make the business work AND provide you with the tools to increase your chances of creating a profitable business model.

Finally – remember that the world’s most successful business people didn’t know everything about running a business but they had the foresight to call on help from those who could supply the skills that they didn’t have.

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