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Taking control and maintaining control of your business is essential to business success.

Achieving the business outcomes you want will NOT happen unless you are in control of your business .. rather than your business being in control of you.

During my experience over many years and in a variety of professions and industries, I have seen countless instances where the business owner has lost control of the business’s destiny. Almost inevitably, if allowed to go unfixed, the business will likely fail.

There are many factors that can lead to this situation. One of these is being unaware of the warning signs of a lack of control.

So, what are the warning signs and what should you do if/when you see them?

  • One of the first signs that things aren’t “quite right” is the loss of customers, even those who have a history of being loyal to you over a long period.


  • Emerging cashflow problems is another signal that things aren’t well with the business operations.
  • Another one is finding that you, as owner of the business, are spending too much time working IN the business instead of ON it.
  • What about your staff? Do you feel that they’re not being productive enough? Are you experiencing higher levels of absenteeism or bad attitudes or relationships between staff members. Or, have you lost any key personnel in recent times?

Being confronted by any of these issues should be of concern and need to be addressed.

If you’re unsure of what to do next, it’s likely that the best thing for you and your business is to arrange a Business Evaluation by an experienced Business Coach. Doing so should result in uncovering any underlying issues affecting business performance PLUS provide you with appropriate strategies to improve your future business outcomes.

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