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Professional website design and development is crucial for a business looking to grow. When someone goes looking for you on the Web, the first thing they’ll normally check out is your website … and then your social media.

A poorly presented website will intimate to the visitor that perhaps you are also lacking in professionalism in your business.

Pay particular attention to your spelling and grammar, your sentence syntax and overall readability.

Graphics must be clean and of high resolution plus it pays to remember the adage – “A picture is worth a thousand words“. Of course, videos have even more impact so have them in key positions on your site as well.

The use of smart phones has ushered in a new era of needs-based marketing.

Smart Phones

Remembering that mobile usage is the “new norm” for many, it is vital that you capture their attention immediately! Your site must be fast in downloading and have something that will encourage them to read further.

Take a critical look at your own website, maybe even have trusted friends also critique it for you.

Here’s a thought – go one step further and have us conduct a FREE Social Media Audit for you!

If, after taking any or all of these steps, you decide to either get a new website or update the one you have, it’s vital to ensure that it is mobile-optimised, SEO-optimised and user-friendly with all your Social Media integrated. Make it look professional.


Want to sell your products online? People are naturally impatient when on the ‘net and being mindful of this will help you build a site that’s seamless and easy for your potential purchasers. We can help you build your online store and incorporate sales funnels and get more sales and having it optimised for Shop across all your Social Media.  

To learn more or to have us carry out a FREE Social Media Audit for you, just contact us at or call me direct on 0452 1444 76.

Phil Manhire (Founder & CEO)

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