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This is a subject that has been at the forefront of countless books, innumerable “how to” videos and I-don’t-know-how-many social media promotions.

Significantly, much of the “advice” being promoted is either copy-cat or being espoused by those who have “read the books” but have no credible experience in the real world of business.

When we speak of business success, we must also consider what leads to the other option – business failure.

To be successful as a business owner, it’s our belief that it all comes down to a few essential ingredients.






“Do what you love and love what you do!” is so relevant to achieving success. Let’s face it – if you, as the face of your business, aren’t passionate about your business and what it can offer to your customers and potential customers, how can you realistically expect them to be passionate advocates for your business?









You may have a clear vision of your business goals but have you considered all the factors that will affect your business – such as staffing, cashflow, legislative changes, customer service planning (or as we like to call it – “Customer Success Strategies“) and business continuity planning?

What about the planning of your Exit Strategy?


It’s the strength and the quality of a business owner’s CONNECTIONS that can truly make the difference between a business that struggles and one that becomes a successful and sustainable business.

There are some good tips and guidance in our blog article, “Quality Business Connections = Business Success“. Have a read!

And that brings us to … 


The wisest AND most successful business owners know that they alone don’t have all the answers and that sometimes it pays to seek help from others. Get a second or third pair of eyes to look at the business. Look at what changes can be made to improve the business’s performance.

As an experienced “real world” Business Coach and Mentor”, we’re ideally positioned to work WITH you and help you to both grow and protect a sustainable business.

It’s quite possible that you are wondering about the difference between a Business Coach and a Mentor. Yes?

Is it also true that you are wondering what a Business Coach and/or Mentor can do for YOU?

STARTING HERE is a great option if you want to learn more.

Once you have “been there, done that”, call me direct on 0452 1444 76 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Phil Manhire (Founder & CEO)

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