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Not knowing the answer to this is confronting … I know.😬

However, it’s also the reason that you should ensure that you have relevant plans in place to cater for just such an event.

This also applies in case you are confronted with a period of disability, temporary or permanent, that is such that you (or one of your key personnel) cannot work in your/their usual role.

Q1: Do you have a Corporate Power of Attorney in place?

Q2: Do you have a current Will?

Q3: Have you made appropriate provisions to totally protect your business assets (often the most valuable asset you have)?

If you think that you can answer “Yes” to these, the next question is “How long ago were they reviewed?”.

We’re happy to help you make sure that your Wealth Protection Plans are solid. If you have ANY doubts re your current plans, please get in touch – by either phone or email.🐝😎

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