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Who is your Dream Customer?
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Who is your Dream Customer? Is it just the person who brings in the most revenue for you? Or is it something entirely different?

There are many different facets that go into the making of a Dream Customer such as:

Are they someone that you like? It’s important that there is a mutual liking of each other because if the situation is otherwise, any business relationship with them will only result in unwanted stress – for you and them. The quick establishment of rapport with a potential customer will show that there is a great chance to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Do you feel that you can relate to them and vice versa? This is also a vital component for the potential understanding and trust elements needed for a successful relationship. It may be that your respective worlds are too far apart to be able to effectively relate to each other, especially if there is unwillingness or lack of capacity on the part of you and/or your customer to learn how to relate to the other.

Is the capacity there for them to become a long-term client, one who will value your services or product? If someone is prepared to pay you what your services or product are really worth and happy to do so with absolute appreciation of their value, then they are way more likely to become a strong advocate for you and your business, thereby resulting in the best form of qualified referrals – “word-of-mouth”!

Finally – if you are to develop a client base of  Dream Customers, you have to be their “Dream Provider”. After all, a successful business relationship can only exist if it’s a two-way street of trust, respect, integrity and truth.

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